Milan underline their intention to sign Beckham

AC Milan have underlined their intention to resign David Beckham following the end of the next MLS season. The move comes after rumours that Tottenham are interested in signing the England midfielder in October when he will have fulfilled his playing commitments with the LA Galaxy.

Milan extended Beckham's loan deal until the end of the current Serie A season and the Italian giants are said to have negotiated a timeshare agreement which will see the former Manchester United player return to Italy at the end of the next MLS campaign.

Adriano Galliani, Milan's general manager, spoke of the club's deal with the MLS following the speculation about Becks moving to Spurs: "Our agreement with the Galaxy is very clear. We obtained what we desired, which was to keep David until the end of the season."

Galliani continued: "Beckham has been a hugely important acquisition, crucial for us. We hope that Beckham will return to us in January but from here until the start of the winter transfer window he will definitely be in Los Angeles."

Becks has made it clear that he wants to return to Serie A and the England midfielder has been impressive to date in his 13 league appearances.

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