Milan look to sign Beckham permanently

AC Milan have confirmed that they would be interested in signing former England captain David Beckham permanently when his current loan deal runs out in March. Goldenballs has made an instant impact with the Serie A side since hooking up with them at the start of the month.

Milan's lawyer Leandro Cantamessa told Sky Italy: "After March anything can happen. The situation is complicated and will depend on the player, but if there was a common interest, the English player could remain at Milan, but not on loan."

The chances of Beckham remaining in Serie A look to have increased with Milan boss Carlo Ancelotti also stating that he would like Becks to stay at the club despite the complicated nature of any possible deal: "In football anything's possible," Ancelotti said. "Beckham knows what our wish is. We all hope that he can stay with us. Once Beckham goes back to America on March 9, we'd certainly be saddened."

Becks has also fuelled speculation by not ruling out the possibility of remaining at Milan: "I can't say what will happen. My contract says that I'll be here until March. We'll have to see. At the moment I'm enjoying this experience. I'm at one of the biggest clubs in the world."

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