Mike Tyson - time for a comeback?

Mike Tyson, once the most feared man in the fight game, has hinted that he would make a comeback to the ring, presumably if the price was right. The 43 year old hasn’t fought for four years (embarrassed by Irishman Kevin McBride in 2005, when Tyson refused to come out for the seventh round) and is apparently four stone above his best weight, but with Don King around, any circus like performance can take place.

‘If this guy is going to pay for my training – my training team costs a lot of money – anything is possible,’ said Iron Mike to Showtime announcer Jim Gray at King’s show in Las Vegas on Saturday night. ‘I don't see it happening, but anything is possible.

‘I think Mike's one of the greatest fighters that ever lived,’ said Clay Davi... sorry, King. ‘I think he can still be a fighter if he wants to be a fighter. Listen, whatever it is between Mike, it ain't about the bankroll. We gonna do what has to be done ... so, whatever we have to do, we'll do.’

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