Microsoft executive: Wii Fit is a gimmick

Microsoft executive David Gosen has claimed that the Wii Fit is a gimmick and that 60% of gamers who bought a copy of the popular game have since abandoned it. Speaking to the website MCV, Gosen said that Microsoft has no plans to introduce new peripherals for the Xbox 360 claiming that there is a thin line between gimmick and quality game play.

Gosen, who used to work for Nintendo, acknowledged the originality of the Wii but claimed that research by software giant showed that many gamers only played Wii Fit once before consigning the board to the attic along with the exercise bike.

While Gosen and Microsoft's statistics may well be correct, most gamers after all will take sitting on their backside over exercising any day of the week, the fact remains that Nintendo are absolute spanking their rivals, Microsoft and Sony, in the war of the consoles. A sour grapes add-on for the Xbox 360 anyone?

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