Michel Platini apologises for Champions League final prices

Michel Platini has apologised for the stupidly high prices being charged for the final of the Champions League, and said that in the future Uefa may consider introducing a cheaper category for families, a solution that won’t go anywhere near to solving the problem. But that’s Platini for you: he talks nice and then does the opposite.

The cheapest ticket available for the final, which is being staged at Wembley, will be £84, and only available to fans of the two sides that make it to the final. The chances are that these tickets will also be well up in the gods, if previous form at ‘The Home Of Football’ is anything to go by. The lowest price for those on public sale – the vast majority of which will almost certainly be sold on by touts to fans paying at least twice as much – will be €175, a 13 per cent rise on last year, while the price bands for single ticket sales are €260 and €350. Worst of all each ticket carries a 30 per cent booking levy.

For this Platini apologises, but it comes across as little more than weasel words, as he is the head of Uefa, and could have stepped in at the start to say that tickets should be priced within the reach of the normal fan. He also said it was difficult because any price they set is then multiplied by ten on the black market, but that only begs another question: why not lower the prices, so that the black market sting isn’t so bad? Or how about selling the vast majority of tickets through the two participating clubs, thereby putting the directly in the hands of fans and lessening the impact of touts?

‘It was a mistake, it was not good,’ wibbled Platini. ‘It was not easy to decide the price of the tickets in the final of the Champions League because we now receive 200,000 requests for these (priced) tickets, and now on the black market it's 10 times the price that we decide. That means it is not easy.

‘Perhaps in the future we will have another category for families (which will be) less expensive but if they put these on the black market too (it is not easy). It was not a good communication and I apologise for that. I'm sure the final will bring emotions in a true football city and a true stadium of football – Wembley.’

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