Michael Schumacher will be able to lead 'relatively normal life'

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Michael Schumacher is continuing his recovery from his horrific skiing accident in private at his home in Switzerland. Good friend Jean Todt has been to visit him recently and reported to the media that the recovery is going very well. He said that he expects Schumacher "can lead a relatively normal life again within a short period of time."

However, Todt also added a qualifier to what a relative life would mean for the former race driver saying "We can say he can probably never drive a Formula 1 car again. But he is fighting. His condition improved and what is just as important is the fact that he is now at home with his family. But a long and hard road is in front of him. Hopefully things will improve. His family is close to him. He needs time and peace."

News of Schumacher's progress has been very scarce so Todt's words will come as a huge relief to fans everywhere. He was rushed to hospital in Grenoble last December following a skiing accident in the Alps where he suffered severe trauma to the head. Schumacher was then in a medically induced coma for almost 6 months and when he awoke he was transferred to the state of the art Lausanne clinic to get the best treatment possible.

He was then released from the Lausanne Clinic a couple of months ago to return to his home in Switzerland. There, a medical clinic was constructed to facilitate his further recovery where a team of staff tend to him throughout the day. It is believed that he is still without movement and speech at this juncture of his recovery.

Schumacher has previously been reported as communicating through by nodding to his family and medical team. News of his progress will come as a comfort to millions of Formula 1 fans who are currently experiencing a troubling time after a terrible crash involving French racer Jules Bianchi during the Japanese Grand Prix this past weekend. As a result of the accident, Bianchi suffered traumatic head injuries and is in intensive care after undergoing emergency brain surgery.

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