Michael Schumacher getting better but still unable to speak

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Formula One driver Michael Schumacher is continuing to experience gradual improvements in his health but he is still unable to speak. The racing legend is also confined to a wheelchair and has trouble with his memory after his terrible skiing accident late last year.

Schumacher's friend and ex-racing driver Philippe Streiff has revealed new details about the German's health. Streiff said "He is getting better but everything is relative. It's very difficult. He can't speak. Like me, he is in a wheelchair paralysed. He has memory problems and speech problems."

Streiff, who has been in a wheelchair ever since a racing crash back in 1989, added "With his wife Corinna, he communicates with his eyes. He's starting to show signs of consciousness. This is of course not the same disease as locked-in syndrome but the result is the same. You can not move, can not talk, you can not do anything. He is enclosed in his body but communicates by blinking his eyes."

Details about his progress are very scarce as his family are keen to allow Schumacher recover in total privacy away from the public eye. He has been recuperating at his family home in Switzerland since the summer where a state of the art medical clinic with a team of staff was constructed specifically to give him the best possible chance at a full recovery.

Schumacher suffered life threatening injuries in Meribel in the French Alps on December 29th last year. He hit his head so hard on rocks while skiing that he cracked his helmet and was left with brain damage. Doctors put him in a medically induced coma before undergoing life saving surgery to relieve pressure in his brain.

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