Michael Schumacher able to communicate by nodding and can keep his eyes open 'for long periods'

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Reports have emerged which suggest that Michael Schumacher can keep his eyes open for long periods of time as well as being able to nod to communicate. The German racing star just recently emerged from a coma after a horrific skiing accident last December.

Schumacher was moved yesterday from the Grenoble hospital he has spent the past six months to a clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland. The facility is famed for its top class neurology experts so the former Formula 1 star is in the best hands possible.

Of his transfer in a private ambulance yesterday, Dr Richard Franckowiak of the Lausanne clinic said "During the 120-mile road journey from Grenoble to Lausanne, he kept his eyes open for long periods." Significantly, he was also able to nod when communicating with the ambulance crew and his doctors.

Schumacher was released from hospital in Grenoble yesterday after spending close to six months in a coma but there was no word on his condition. The statement made by Dr Richard Franckowiak will certainly be welcomed by the public and Schumacher's dedicated fans as they eagerly await news of his progress.

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