Michael Owen talks nonsense

Michael Owen – unavailable last week for England because of another injury – believes none of the Croat team is good enough to get into the England side.

Sorry, Michael, run that past us again. You mean the team that roundly thrashed us at home to knock us out of Euro 2008.? You’re talking about the team that easily topped the group and now sits several places above us in Fifa’s rankings? Err… you’re talking nonsense, man!

If you asked a neutral manager to select a side from the two sides that started on Wednesday night for a rematch, we think it would definitely include: Krancjar, Eduardo, Olic and Modric, to name but four Croats. Try naming that many England players who’d demand a place in the Croatian side, let alone a combined team. Anyway - here's an Owen-flavoured photo gallery for you to browse through...

(Image: from emphasis’s flickr stream)

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