Michael Owen: Newcastle confidence crisis

England striker and Dave Clark Five fan Michael Owen has admitted that Newcastle football club are experiencing a crisis of confidence.

As it's Sadie Hawkins day and no females have asked us to marry them, we've decided to reject the use of nicknames, abbreviations and pronouns. So, this article will feature an over excessive use of the names Kevin Keegan and Michael Owen.

Newcastle football club are looking for a win against Blackburn and Michael Owen believes that one good result could reignite Kevin Keegan's return to the club. "There is nervousness throughout the side. We need a win and the sooner the better," said Michael Owen.

Michael Owen and Kevin Keegan didn't have the best relationship at international level but Kevin Keegan has made Michael Owen captain of Newcastle football club.

But Kevin Keegan's return has been unfruitful so far. Newcastle football club are just six points away from the relegation zone. One player who understands the hard graft of a relegation dogfight and the concept of the leap year isn't Michael Owen.

"We've got an awful lot of games left and we aren't in the relegation zone at the moment," added Michael Owen . "We're not at panic stations but we are obviously well aware we need to get a result - and fast."

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