Choosing mens running shoes

There are so many men's running shoes from which to choose that it is often a nightmare deciding on a pair. In reality, there is no such thing as the perfect shoe. After all, there are many aspects that need to be taken into account, such as the weight of the shoe, the bio-mechanics of running itself and the type of feet you have. What this effectively means is that what may be an ideal shoe for one runner may in fact be completely the wrong choice for another. With this in mind, it is best to take all reviews with a pinch of salt; the buyer may have gone for the wrong choice after all.

When looking to buy shoes, it is often a good idea to look at them as consisting of three primary categories: stability, motion control and cushioned. These are standard options that take care of all the basic bio-mechanics of running.

Many websites that specialise in men's running shoes swear by the so-called 'wet test', which examines the shape of your wet footprint on a dry surface, which gives an indication of the kind of stability you might require from your shoe based on your footprint. It will also give an indication of the types of features that may help your running performance, whilst providing you with some knowledge about running shoes in general. For more information about the Wet Test, RunnersWorld.co.uk has plenty of useful information on the subject.

Foot Types

Three recognised types of footprint exist in the Wet Test - knowing yours will help you to narrow down the best running shoe for your needs. These types are:

Normal Foot - a standard shape arch that leaves a flat wet footprint, showing only the heel and the forefoot, showing very little of the rest of the foot.

Flat Foot - this will leave a low-arch print that shows the majority of the underside of your foot.

High-Arched Foot - this is a footprint with a very narrow band or, in some instances, no band at all. These kinds of feet are generally not very good at shock-absorbing.

As can be seen from the information above, there is more to choosing men's running shoes then simply buying a well-fitted shoe; the type of feet you have will also play a part in finding your ideal running shoe.

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