Meet the Tiger Woods of tennis

He’s only five years old. He stands just about as high as his tennis racket. And he can only just see over the net on tip-toes. Yet Jan Silva – known as Silvai to his parents and family – is already being tipped as the next big thing in tennis.

Okay – it’s mostly Scott Silva, the little tyke’s dad, who is doing all the trumpet blowing. (The greeting on Master Silva’s website refers to him as The Golden Child and The Prodigy.)

However, certain people who know about these things – including coaches at the French tennis academy where Prodigy-boy now ‘trains’ – reckon he’s worthy of the hype.

Not-a-pushy-parent Scott recently sold everything he owned to move the family from California to France to help Jan develop.

We’ll see – and if we don’t, we reckon Scott will tell us all about it anyway.

Professional, full-time coaching for a five-year-old – can that really be healthy?

(Image: from yoshimov’s Flickr stream) 

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