McLaren's dream team

Formula One world champion Jenson Button looks set to join Lewis Hamilton at McLaren for next season, on a three-year contract that will pay him a whopping £6million a year, nearly double his current salary with Brawn.

Button has been involved in drawn out negotiations with Brawn since the season finished, and while neither party has made any official noises about the move, the Brit was given a guided tour of the McLaren factory last Friday, from which very positive rumbles came. However, Brawn boss Nick Fry was hopeful that their champ would stay for another year.

‘I hope Jenson is still with us next season,' he said. 'We've been together for a good few years now and we have succeeded in winning the world championship together and we want Jenson to be with us. But we have to recognise that Formula One is not divorced from the rest of the world. We have worked within a budget [and] if we spend in one area then we cannot spend in another area.’

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