McClaren – who will replace him?

We can still get to the Euro 2008 finals – but most canny football pundits wouldn’t bet a centime on it happening. Barring a force majeure which completely incapacitates the entire Russian football team, we’re not going. There’s only a slim chance we’ll beat the Croatians, to be frank. Which means poor old Steve McClaren will be out of a job.

So who will take over from Macca once he falls on his sword, having already been metaphorically skewered on it by the blood-thirsty press?

The list is short:
Jose Mourinho at around 4/1
Martin O’Neill at between 5/1 and 8/1
Arsene Wenger at around 12/1
Big Phil Scolari at around 12/1
Stuart Pearce at around 13/1

Not great reading, is it?

When will we all swallow our pride and admit that El Tel Venables should get another crack?

(Odds from bestbetting)

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