What is a Masuri Titanium Grill Cricket Helmet?

Masuri cricket helmets are the finest made cricket helmets in the world. They are used on the professional and international cricket circuit, often seen at test match level too.

The Masuri cricket helmet was introduced in 1984, and is widely seen as the best helmet and grill on the market. Gone are the days of those large sweaty lids which cricketers used to wear! Technology has advanced and the masuri titanium grill cricket helmet is at the forefront of that technology.

Why Choose the Masuri Titanium Grill Cricket Helmet?

  • World leader in cricket helmet design
  • Strong carbon fibre reinforced construction.
  • It has a lightweight and well vented shell
  • Adjustable headband for that tailored fit.
  • Innovative light and strong titanium grill.
  • They come in a range of different colours and sizes.

The strength and light weight of the helmet is what makes this brand of helmet stand out from the competition. Below is a user review from www.sports.ciao.co.uk

"...the best feature of the Masuri Titanium is how light it is. This helped me keep my head still when playing shots and moving my head into line with ease. There was additionally a significant reduction in the number of neck injuries I suffered in comparison with older helmets... "

The only negative you could possibly find with the helmet is the price, it will set you back around £89.99. This is the complete price for the whole masuri titanium grill cricket helmet, you can buy it two pieces if needed.

The RRP is £116 but the price of £89.99 is with owzat-cricket.co.uk and is worth every penny if you are serious about your cricket.

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