Some might deride golf as the sport of the monied classes, of silly etiquette rules and even dafter clothes, and they'd be right. That doesn't stop the US Masters being one of the best sporting events of the year, and even rabid anti-golfers like ourselves get stuck into the BBC coverage, if only to marvel at the easy job Gary Lineker has.

At the end of the first day Chad Campbell had a one shot lead at a monstrous seven under par, but it could have been even better; a course record-equalling nine-under was within his grasp, but he bogey the final two holes for a 'disappointing' round of 65.

All the talk had been of a Mickelson/Woods golf-off but while the Tiger hit a decent two-under 70 round, Mickelson has all but blown his chance of challenging by shooting one-over on a course that everyone else was finding far easier. Meanwhile most news reports have been focussing on the big European and American players, they missed out on Japanese player Katayama's five-under, handily placing him in third.

The second round has just started, and you can watch live coverage online, on the red button service and from 9pm on BBC Two. So do that.

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