Martin Johson offered England manager's job

According to the bastions of truth over at The Daily Mail, Martin Johnson is to be offered the job as manager of the England rugby team. It's reported that the 39-year-old will meet the director of the RFU, Rob Andrew, in the next 48 hours to discuss a possible role in the England set up.

The news comes as speculation mounts over the future of the under fire England coach Brian Ashton. Johnson is looked upon as a manager and not a coach and The Mail says that he'll only be interested in the job if he's given the powers to choose the coaching staff.

If Johnson is appointed it will more than likely sound the death knell for current coach Brian Ashton. Before the victory over Ireland Ashton said that he wouldn't welcome a manager who 'is going to interfere with the rugby side of things'.

The Mail also reports, look away now if you're Welsh, that Johnson's first move as manager would be to bring the architect of the meanest defence in the Six Nations, Shaun Edwards, back from Wales.

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