Martin Johnson warns England

England are playing France in their World Cup quarter final tomorrow morning, and although the team so far have played really quite badly, at least they've got up to some hilarious rugger bugger shenanigans to entertain us. Who doesn't love a spot of drunken idiocy, eh?

Anyway, team manager Martin Johnson has warned his side that anything can happen in a game of rugby, and that sometimes best laid plans fall to pieces.

'The best plan doesn't survive first contact with the enemy,' the England manager said. 'We know France can under-perform but we also know they can produce games that are almost unstoppable, as we have seen at World Cups.

'You absolutely expect anything and for it to be of the highest standard. Anything can happen and we have to deal with it mentally. If you don't deal with it mentally you can't deal with it physically.

'What if they get an interception and we are 10-0 down after 10 minutes? We fight back. That means getting three, six, nine points or you hopefully slam a try in, two. What if you get a big score and you are ahead? That can also be difficult to handle, it can freeze a team. You need that adaptability and that thought on the field.

'We need to manage the game. We need to think on our feet all the way through the game, roll with all the variables and find a way to win.'

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