Mark Webber extends Red Bull contract till 2012

Good news for fans of millionaires driving around in circles in extremely fast cars, polluting the planet as they play their stupid rich man's sport: Mark Webber has decided that he has extended his contract with Red Bull until the end of 2012.

Webber, an Aussie don't forget, is 35 on Saturday and was mulling over whether to carry on racing or to retire on his pile of money, in which he will bathe for the rest of his life. However he's still got the racing bug, so he's going to carry on for just one more year. Doesn't that make you all happy?

'I still think I'm driving well and the team is performing to a very high level,' he said, setting fire to fifty pound notes. 'I enjoy racing against these guys at the front and I'd miss that a lot.

'I want to continue racing at the top in F1 so it's a no-brainer to remain at Red Bull for another year. My motivation to achieve the best results possible for both myself and the team is still very high.'

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