Mark Hughes quits Fulham

Mark Hughes has resigned as Fulham manager after less than a year in charge, in one of the most unexpected moves in this close season.

The Welshman, who says that he wasn’t tempted away by another club and wouldn’t be taking vacancy at Aston Villa, said that he wished to further his experiences, without going into much detail about what that meant. The move is sure to disappoint Fulham fans, who watched their side improve under his management after a shaky start, and who were surely looking forward to him at the helm of a Europa League campaign.

‘As a young, ambitious manager I wish to move on to further my experiences,’ he said. ‘I believe my management team and I have done a good job and the club has a strong foundation from which they can go forward.

‘I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that neither myself nor my representative have approached or have been approached by another club. This decision to leave Fulham has not been influenced by any outside party.’

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