Mark Cavendish - world champion

You can always trust Great Britain and Brits to have absolutely no interest in anything that excites mainland Europeans. From wine to food, architecture to old stuff we Anglo Saxons just don't understand that Johnny Foreigner and his weird ways. Cycling is a prime example: absolutely massively popular all over Europe, absolutely no-one cares about it in Britain, to the point where the only race that anyone has even heard off is the Tour De France.

However that might be about to change, with the arrival of sprinter Mark Cavendish as World Champion. The Manxman took the world title yesterday, confirming himself as the fastest cyclist in the world and putting himself in line for the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year award. Could he bring cycling to the masses? Probably not, as the equipment costs a fortune and it's a dull sport anyway. The bike nerds can dream, at least.

'I can't win the yellow jersey in the Tour de France,' the new champion said, 'so in cycling terms this is just about the biggest thing I can win. I get to wear the rainbow jersey for the next year and I can wear the stripes on my sleeve for the rest of my life. But the team were incredible and it's a shame that those guys can't have the jersey, too. I was part of an incredible eight-man machine today. The calibre of these guys is amazing and I'm super-proud of them.'

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