Manny Pacquiao v Brandon Rios - The Clash In Cotai

Manny Pacquiao remains the world’s classiest fighters after recovering from his knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez with a unanimous points win over American Brandon Rios. The judges’ scorecards of 120-108, 119-109 and 118-110 didn’t reflect his domination as the last two were a little generous to Brandon Rios’ performance.

With the WBO International Welterweight title at stake no wonder there were so many celebrities in attendance at the Macau casino that hosted the bout. Casino owner, US billionaire Sheldon Adelson, invited notables sportsmen like David Beckham to the event. Before the bout, the former England Captain said, “I'm a huge fan of Manny's. I met him a couple of years ago in the Philippines, when I was on tour there with the Galaxy and also there with UNICEF. And he truly is an inspirational person.”

The winner was his normal humble self after the match, “It's really important to me to bring this honour to my country, especially the people who are victims of the typhoon,” Pacquiao told Box Nation. “I hope they're happy because I won the fight.”

Although he took victory, the contest wasn’t as entertaining as commentators had expected. Rios was put down in the opening round but it looked like the result of a slip rather than anything stunning from Pacquiao. But the Filipino did have the best of the opening round, raining down great combinations which the American had no choice but to defend.

Rios got a great shot into the head of Pacquiao in the third round but really he was outclassed through the night by his opponent, who really took charge from the fourth round. When Rios’s eye began to bleed halfway through the contest, those sat at ringside must have assumed the match would be go Pacquiao’s way when the final bell rang.

Although the fight was a bit one-sided Manny Pacquiao called Rios, “one of the toughest opponents of my career.”

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