Mancini: I'll convince Tevez to stay

Roberto Mancini believes that he can convince Carlos Tevez to remain at Manchester City when the pair meet for crunch talks tomorrow.

Tevez handed in a written transfer request last week in which he described his relationship with City’s chief executive Garry Cook as ‘broken and beyond repair.’

However, speaking to reporters earlier today, Mancini spoke of his disappointment at Tevez’s decision and made it clear that he’ll inform the Argentina striker of his obligation to honour his current contract.

‘The last time I spoke to him was last Wednesday and it was then he told me this [his desire to leave],’ Mancini said. ‘I haven't spoken to him since but Carlos has over three years remaining on his contract, he is our player and it's my opinion that Carlos will stay with us.’

The Italian continued: ‘I don't think he is unhappy, really unhappy. I don't think he wants to leave. He told me but he never told me this until four or five days ago and, because of that, I think we can change his mind.’

‘We have had a good start to the season, an important season, and Carlos is an important player for us. I have been in Italy and he has been in Tenerife so I have not had the chance to speak to him this week but I will see him on Friday and I will say that he must stay here.’

When quizzed about why Tevez wants to leave City, Mancini underlined that it was a personal matter and not a tactical ploy to secure a more lucrative contract from the Premier League’s richest club.

‘I think we can always change his mind,’ Mancini said. ‘Maybe there is another reason [for handing in a transfer request]. He is an important player for us who has already scored 10 goals. If Carlos is ‘unhappy’ at the moment but has scored 10 goals, I hope he will be unhappy for the rest of the season. Together, we can change the history of the club.’

Tomorrow’s talks should determine the next move of both parties, however, it appears that Mancini wants to broker a peace deal fully aware that losing Tevez halfway through the season would be a hammer blow to City’s title aspirations.

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