Mancini could strip Tevez of captaincy

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini is considering stripping the captaincy from Carlo Tevez ahead of tomorrow night’s game against Everton.

Mancini, who held talks with the unsettled Argentina striker on Friday, could be set to hand the captain’s armband to Vincent Kompany following Tevez’s public admission that he wants to leave Eastlands.

The details of the meeting between Mancini and Tevez were not divulged, however, City’s football administrator Brian Marwood believes that the former Manchester United striker will remain at the club.

‘We feel he's got a huge part to play in the future of the football club. That didn't change before he made his transfer request and that doesn't change after he made his transfer request,’ Marwood said. ‘He's very popular among the group, he's very popular among the fans. We are looking forward to Carlos staying at this football club.’

City defender Micah Richards also believes that Tevez will remain at the club, at least until the end of the current season: ‘I'm confident he [Tevez] will stay. We're doing well in the league, we've finished top of our group in Europe.’

Richards continued: ‘It's going well for us and he's a big part of what we're trying to do, so hopefully they will get it sorted out, and the sooner the better. He's got his opinions and stuff, but I'm sure we can keep him until the end of the season at least.’

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