Manchester United Transfer News: Toni Kroos could leave Bayern Munich

Toni Kroos probably isn’t Bayern Munich’s most popular player after leaving the pitch in a strop after being substituted for Claudio Pizarro when Bayern were a goal behind Stuttgart. It proved a typically astute move by Bayern’s manager Pep Guardiola as they went onto win the match, and he may be about to make another clever move by offloading Kroos before the January transfer window closes on Friday.

David Moyes has made no secret of his need to change his side. There surely isn’t any footballing reason to get rid of players like Rafael and Ashley Young, but we understand that they aren’t giving their all for the new boss. Moyes has always demanded full commitment from his players which is why Wayne Rooney was benched at the start of the season, but he will have to break the habit of a lifetime and spend big if he’s to replace his unruly star players with new ones.

Manchester United are considering a £25million bid for Kroos and Guardiola is prepared to let the player go. “He [Kroos] is an important player, but things can move fast in football,” Bayern’s manager said. “Here today, gone tomorrow,” he added.

Kroos must be looking for a way out of the Allianz Arena as he’s spent the season pushing for a new £150,000 a week deal that Bayern won’t accept. His contract expires in June 2015 and he’s already said that he won’t accept an extension unless his terms are met which isn’t the behaviour of a player happy with his lot.

Whether Kroos arrives or not, we’re expecting Moyes to lose players before the January transfer window closes. Inter Milan has made a loan offer for out of form winger Nani. The player’s only made 10 appearances since Moyes arrived at Old Trafford so a change of scenery could help his career.

Ever since the start of the season Wayne Rooney has been linked with a move away from the club but we understand that he’s close to signing a new deal. The England International is out of contract next summer and Chelsea are still showing interest in signing him.

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