Great Manchester United v Liverpool cup tickets

Intersted in Manchester United v Liverpool cup tickets? This promises to be a thrilling encounter. Through the years these teams have always served up truly memorable matches. Extra spice is surely to be added considering it being the first game of new manager Kenny Dalglish, who has returned to manage the team in which he had a successful stint as manager in the late eighties to early nineties, not to mention scoring 172 goals in 515 games for the Merseysiders. With Dalglish in the Liverpool dug out it should surely spur on the Liverpool players who so far have been lacklustre under previous manager Roy Hodgeson.

However Manchester United and the world's most successful manager Sir Alex Ferguson will have plenty to say regarding the outcome of this epic FA Cup battle between two of the most successful teams in the competition's long and illustrious history. Anybody who becomes the owner of a match ticket for this particular match will be sure to enjoy a feast of football as well as experiencing the electric atmosphere inside the "Theatre Of Dreams", which is Manchester United's home ground, Old Trafford.

For anybody interested in buying tickets for this mouth watering FA Cup tie, tickets are sold from various outlets, both online and off. You'd be crazy to pass up the chance of watching these heavyweights battle it out in what promises to be a sensational game.

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