Manchester United fans persist with anti-Liverpool chants

Manchester United acted swiftly to condemn anti-Liverpool chants by a minority of their fans during the home match against Wigan. After the revelations about how police had attempted to scapegoat Liverpool supporters for the Hillsborough tragedy, United manager Sir Alex Ferguson had asked for offensive chanting to stop.

Instead a group of United supporters insisted on singing "Always the victims, it’s never your fault" at the game. A United spokesman responded by saying, "The club deplore it. The manager has made the club's position very clear on this matter; it's now up to the fans to respect that."

With United travelling to Anfield for their next Premier League game, Ferguson had been keen to calm tensions between the clubs. "It's a moment for two great clubs to show why they are two great clubs," he had said. "I don't anticipate any problems. There are opportunities to show your greatness and this is one."

There has been increasing animosity between the fans, with some United fans singing about Hillsborough and Liverpool fans countering with offensive songs about the Munich air crash. Last season’s Luis Suarez racial abuse affair only increased the antipathy.

The United Supporters’ Trust backed the manager’s views. "We enjoy a fierce rivalry but these issues transcend that rivalry," they said in a statement. "We agree 100% with the statement made by Sir Alex Ferguson – this is the time for supporters of these two great clubs to represent their clubs with the integrity and honour that our glorious history demands."

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