Manchester United appeal Fletcher red card

Manchester United are reported to have asked Uefa to review Darren Fletcher's red card against Arsenal in Tuesday night's Champions League semi-final. The Scottish midfielder looks set to miss the final in Rome on May 27 after being harshly sent off.

According to the Guardian, however, United have made an official approach to have Fletcher's red card overturned following advice from Uefa general secretary David Taylor. The Scottish international was given a straight red after a tackle on Cesc Fabregas but replays show that Fletcher clearly got the ball.

David Taylor spoke to reporters about United's appeal earlier today which suggests that Fletcher may still have a chance of playing in Rome after all. "The ref may take the view a mistake has been made and include that in his report but that wouldn't be in any way decisive," Taylor said.

The Uefa general secretary continued: "It's an entirely discretionary thing, whether or not the committee feels there is reason to intervene. That's the position. Strictly speaking there's no appeal process but representation can be made and looked at."

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