Manchester United 2 Roma 0

The possibility of seeing Manchester United fans swilling vodka and Cossack dancing in Moscow's Red Square in May became more likely last night after their team beat Roma 2-0 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Barring a Lazuras style comeback by the Italians in the return leg at Old Trafford, it looks as if Sir Alex the Ferg's men did enough last night to book their place in the semi-final.

United didn't have to get out of first gear to beat a Roma team that worked hard in the first half wasting a few clear cut chances. However, it was United who controlled the game and C-Ron&Co. were able to pierce Roma's brittle defence at will. Ronaldo scored a great header in the first half with Rooney capitalizing on a goalkeeping howler by Brazilian No.1 Doni to make it 2-0.

Roma completely folded after that, their midfield stopped chasing back and it looked as if another cricket score might be on the cards. But United seemed happy win 2-0 and didn't push themselves too hard, although Ronaldo hit the post and Rooney missed an easy chance before the end.

The teams meet again at Old Trafford in eight days. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Roma 0 Manchester United 2

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