Manchester City's Kolo Touré is given the cold shoulder

These are heady days for Manchester City, after that astonishing 6-1 win over Manchester United in the Premier League, and encouraging results in the Champions League.

For one member of the City squad though, life is not entirely rosy. Defender and former captain Kolo Touré might have been expecting a warm welcome back after serving a 6-month FA suspension for taking a banned substance. Instead City conducted a disciplinary tribunal in which the player was accused of gross misconduct.

There has been general sympathy within football for Touré, who had offered the explanation that positive test was caused when he mistakenly took his wife’s slimming pills. Having served the ban, the player had believed the issue was behind him.

The PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor was baffled and disappointed by the club’s actions. "Instead of sending out a message that this is someone who has made a mistake and served his punishment already, they are now taking action against him again," Taylor said.

It’s the latest in a series of incidents at Manchester City that have distracted from the club’s impressive results. Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez and Adam Johnson have all fallen foul of the City code this season, and perhaps Touré, now waiting to hear his punishment, should not be surprised to be the latest target.

In marked contrast, the defender’s brother Yaya Touré, is in superb form for the club, and was the hero of the recent 3-0 Champions League win against Villareal. Maybe he can offer a little encouragement to his unhappy sibling.

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