Manchester City to bid for Sergio Aguero

Roberto Mancini has revealed that Manchester City are preparing a bid for Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero, with the club likely to formally announce it in the next few days.

The Argentine, who has been an absolute sensation for the Spanish club, has become a major target for City ever since Carlos Tevez made it clear he wanted out of England, and with the season only a couple of weeks away they will be hoping to get their hand on him in time for kick off.

The move looks likely despite the Tevez transfer saga looking likely to drag on: Corinthians have denied having a £40million bid accepted by City, which could mean that they are hoping to get even more money out of the cash rich Brazilian giants. However it doesn't look as though the slowness of the sale will impact on their bid for Tevez's countryman.

'I slept last night and I had a game to prepare for today so I don't know any more,' Mancini said, somewhat evasively. 'The clubs are talking. They only have one number and it does not work at the moment. Maybe in the next (few) days. I have not spoken to anyone about it, but probably. I think so.'

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