Manchester City suspend Carlos Tevez

As we reported yesterday, relations between Manchester City and Carlos Tevez aren't exactly at the best right now: he yesterday denied refusing to play against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night, while Roberto Mancini apparently told him to 'go back to Argentina' in a heated dressing room confrontation. It appears that no-one really knows what's going on, which means only one thing – an inquiry.

City have suspended the Argentine for two weeks, the maximum that they can, while they carry out their investigation. The club's lawyers are going through his contract to see what further action they can take, while the club itself works to find it if Tevez is guilty of gross misconduct. For his part, Tevez says it was all a misunderstanding based on language issues, which might well be true, but frankly if after all this time you still can't understand 'Warm up Carlos, you're going on' after six years in England as an extremely well-paid footballer with lots of time on his hands, then that's your look-out

'Manchester City can confirm that striker Carlos Tevez has been suspended until further notice for a maximum period of two weeks,' the club said in a statement. 'The player's suspension is pending a full review into his alleged conduct during Tuesday evening's 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich. The player will not be considered for selection or take part in training while the review is under way.'

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