Manchester City make £22m bid for Ronaldinho

According to The Daily Mail, Manchester City have made an offer of £22m for rotund Barcelona striker Ronaldinho. The move comes after AC Milan are reported to have struck a deal with the 28-year-old Brazilian.

There has been intense speculation over City's negotiations to sign 2005 Fifa Player of the Year since the end of last season. While many have scoffed at the rumours, Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra is reported to be determined to secure Ronaldinho's services. The deal would be financed by a number of Thai investors and sponsorship agreements.

Reports in the Italian press, however, claim that the 2002 World Cup winner has already agreed a deal worth £5m-a-year to move to the San Siro. It seems Manchester City's only hope of signing Ronaldinho is based on wages. City are prepared to offer the 28-year-old over £100,000 more per week than Milan, so the idea of the Brazilian star choosing Manchester City over Milan may not be as outlandish as it first appeared.

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