Manchester City 'five yards' behind United, says Roberto Mancini

You're a big club, with a big fan base, which has recently come into a huge amount of money. You won your first trophy for over a quarter of a century last season, and things are generally looking up. You even splashed out a load of cash on one of the most exciting forwards in the world; so you'd be forgiven as a fan if you were feeling optimisic about the new season, and a little bit annoyed if your manager came out and said you have 'no chance' of winning the league.

Well that's what Roberto Mancini has done, saying that his Manchester City side are still 'five yards' behind their deadly rivals Manchester United, only a couple of days before playing them in the traditional season curtain raiser, the Community Shield. That's like having someone wee on your chips, isn't it? In fact, he's even asking for more players - more! Greedy litle bugger isn't he?

'They are on the top,' said the Italian. 'They're a strong team, they won the last Premier League, they have bought good players and at the moment they are over us. We are very close but United have maybe five yards more than us.

'We want to improve on last season and we'll try to win the Premier League but we need two or three more players and, if we can do that, I think we will be very close. But look at United – they have 29 senior players whereas we have 20. To be competitive, we need more. We're missing players, we don't have enough for the whole season and it's a problem. We haven't managed to get all the players we want and it is important we get them now in the next seven days.'

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