Manchester City close in on Ronaldinho

With Mark Hughes named as the new Manchester City manager last week the club are now closing in on the signing of Brazilian striker Ronaldinho. City chairman Gary Cook told BBC that Barcelona had given the Premiership club permission to speak to the player about a possible move to Eastlands.

Representatives from City are said to have met with Ronaldinho's brother, Roberto de Assis, over the weekend to discuss a deal which would see the 2005 Fifa Player of the Year earn £200,000 a week. According to The Guardian the deal would be financed by various sponsorship deals and a number of Thai investors.

Cook is adamant that the 2002 World Cup winner is seriously considering the offer to play in the Premiership next season and that the signing would see the City of Manchester stadium full every week. If the transfer does go ahead it will be one of the biggest coups in the history of the Premier League and would go a long way to win back the fans who were vocal in their protest against the sacking of Sven Goran Erikkson last week.

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