Manc-ed off

A Man United fan accused of chucking the coin that hit Craig Bellamy on the back of the head during the Manchester derby Carling Cup semi-final has had enraged City fans taking advantage of the fact his name and address was published by sending him a series of ridiculous ‘gifts’, including a skip and two prostitutes.

Twenty-six year old Adam Teese, who lives with his parents at an address that can easily be found elsewhere on the internet, has also had City fans sending £150 worth of pizzas, rat exterminators, a bronze statue of Winston Churchill, a salesman to estimate the cost of an indoor swimming pool and a performance from Squeaky The Clown.

‘We've had no end of trouble,’ said dad Joseph, who also had to deal with a 1957 pink Cadillac with an Elvis-style chauffeur coming to his house. ‘I've had to take time off work to deal with it.’

Even better is his mum Deborah, who insists he wasn’t to blame at all. ‘I was sat next to him and he did not throw anything,’ he claimed. ‘We actually had to duck when a bottle was thrown over us!’ Oh well, it gave everyone else a laugh.

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