Man Utd: solidarity now!

A Manchester United fan has called for Alex Ferguson to resign in protest at the way the Glazer family have financially crippled the biggest and most widely supported club in the land.

United fans have been fighting against the Glazer family since before they took over the club by loading it with the debt they bought to buy it, with some disillusioned fans forming a splinter club; FC United of Manchester. The force behind the protests died after the club went through its most successful period on the pitch in its history – winning three league titles in a row and one Champions League, as well as making another final – but news that the club is still bleeding money despite regular gates of over 70,000, a huge merchandise machine and brand recognition that any company in the world would eat babies for has made many fans angry at what they see as pillaging of what was once the world’s most profitable club.

The Manchester United Supporters Trust met before their 3-0 win against Burnley, and discussions about a possible march before the Champions League match against AC Milan took place, as well as other matters regarding protesting against the Americans’ debt-laden ownership. One member, Johnny Flack (who was founding member and once of the Independent Manchester United Supporters Association), called for Ferguson to resign in protest. (Bear in mind the following quotes from The Guardian were obtained after the meeting, once the writer Daniel Taylor read about the meeting on fan message boards, and that the journos that were there kept everything off the record so that fans could speak freely.)

‘This is not intended as an Alex Ferguson rant,’ Flacks, who has know Ferguson for many years, said yesterday. ‘But he claims to be a socialist, a former shop steward and a man of the people, so he must be horrified by what is going on. It would work only if thousands of people sent a copy of this letter to Ferguson letting him know that our fear, if the Glazers stay in control, is that his legacy is going to be destroyed. We wouldn't want that and I don't think he would either.’

‘We are talking about a manager who has achieved so much for the club and has created the monster that is Manchester United. But we have to look at the greater good and at the moment we have the ludicrous situation where a club that gets over 70,000 supporters is losing money.

‘This would be Ferguson's chance of saying that something had to be done. He would be looking after the club in the longer term if it meant the Glazers would sell more quickly. And if he said he was going to resign, maybe that would also encourage potential buyers to hurry up.’

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