Man City to buy Villa

Ailing La Liga club Valencia have confirmed that they are talking to moneybags Man City about the sale of their star striker David Villa.

'Yes it's true,' Vice President Fernando Gomez said in an interview. 'But they didn't make us an offer. The president asked for a significant amount and they didn't agree.

This is the first time Valencia have admitted needing to sell prize assets, but it's not before time; the club has become a basket case in the last few years and is so cash-strapped that their players are currently not being paid their wages. This is largely down to the fact that they own two stadiums (one not anywhere near built – the other on land they can't sell) and two training grounds (ditto) and are in so much debt that Bancaja – a big Valencia bank owed a staggering €240million – have taken the financial reigns. So now it looks like Davids Villa and Silva are off in the summer, although for how much is anyone's guess.

'I think they are two very important players, with a lot of quality and, if we sell them, we are not going to sell them on the cheap,' said Gomez, somewhat hopefully. 'I would like them both to stay. But we cannot disregard anything and any of them could leave at the end of the season.'

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