Man City ask fans to respect United

Manchester United have planned a minute’s silence to mark 50 years since the Munich air disaster. The only problem is the tribute is to take place during the match against Manchester City, and even City cannot guarantee that all their fans will pay due respect.

City’s official supporters’ club has written to United requesting the silence be replaced by a minute’s applause, after chants of “We’re all going to the golden jubilee” were heard at a recent City game. It has also contacted fans going to the game asking them to respect the occasion, and reminding them that a former City goalkeeper, Frank Swift, was among the fatalities. 

Bill Shankly suggested that football was more important than life or death. As the families of the 23 who lost their lives on February 6, 1958 know only too well, it’s really not. 

This isn’t about City in particular – you can find fans in plenty of clubs who’ll happily taunt United fans about Munich, or Liverpool about Hillsborough, and so on. So what do you do? Drown out the idiots or let them be heard so everyone can see who they are? 

(Image: from Edwin11 79’s flickr stream)

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