Malouda’s the whingeing winger

In an astonishing diatribe from Florent Malouda, the Frenchman seems to be looking for a way out of English football. Currently sidelined with a grazed eyelash, Malouda – in between counting his money and having intensive physiotherapy on his ego – says: training sessions are frightening with everyone putting in 100 per cent effort (how could they?); players in the Premier League switch off their brains during matches; club officials at Chelsea don’t control what players eat and drink with some dietary rebels drinking Coke (of all things); the Christmas schedule in England is terrible (too many repeats on TV?); and you can’t get BT to install a phone line for love nor money. Where that last one came from, gawd only knows.

The poor lad is having a terrible time of it, it seems.

You know what we say: stop whingeing and grow up. Any normal person who loves football would give just about anything to play for the club they love – and would do so for nothing, with grace and poise.

There we’ve said it.

(Image: from Beard Papa’s flickr stream)

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