Maldini erupts

Paolo Maldini has had a pop at AC Milan for letting Kakà go to Real Madrid, saying that wining the Champions League without him is 'dreamland'. Not that you'd know if you read the English papers, who have translated it as 'utopian dream', the club-fisted fools.

'Kaka is one of the top five players in the world.... (and) the first player of this level to be sold [by Milan]. In the past an idea like that would never have been considered,' the retired Milan legend told a news conference.

'Looking at the accounts is all well and good but we should set obtainable targets – and thinking about winning the Champions League without Kakà is dreamland.'

He also claimed that he didn't think that Brazilian Pato was going anywhere, despite rumours in the press to the contrary. 'I don't believe there will be another soap opera like Kaka with Pato. He must stay here. He still has to fulfil his potential; he's only 19 years old.'

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