Makelele tells all

Former Chelsea hero Claude Makelele has lifted the lid in a clichéd way on the reasons Jose Mourinho was fired from Chelsea, and has placed the blame almost entirely on captain John Terry's shoulders.

Makelele says in his new autobiography Claude Makelele – Tout Simplement that Mourinho had become concerned with both Terry's back condition and his level of performance and decided to drop him, which Terry thought was hampering his chances of getting back to full fitness.

'Most of the players were together in the changing rooms. I met Rui Faria, our physical trainer, and asked him if everything was OK. “No, no Claude. The rumours are true. The coach has been fired.” I asked him why and he explained a lot of players had complained about him, notably John Terry. I then learnt Mourinho had told the club's captain that he was going to be left on the bench for a few matches to give him enough time to recover from a back operation he'd undergone in the middle of the previous season.

'John let it be known that he was OK to play on but Mourinho insisted. He told him his level of performance was suffering because of his back problems and repeated clearly that he would be replaced until told otherwise. He even pointed out that the central defence would, from now on, be Ricardo Carvalho and Alex. War had been declared.'

He also goes on to claim that Terry went to Peter Kenyon and asked for a transfer. Both Chelsea and Terry have denied Makelele's version of events.

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