Maclaren still hopeful

Steve Maclaren gamely trots out what his PR people have told him to say – we’re still going to qualify. Yep – Steve says it’s gonna happen, and he ain’t let us down so far(?)

Just in case you weren’t clear about it – Russia must fail to win against Israel. Then we just have to beat Croatia on Wednesday night. If Russia lose, we only need a point. Then Steve will be right, and we will all happily eat a slice of humble pie.

Why is Maclaren so confident? Look at Israel’s recent home record. They held out to a nil-nil draw with a footballing super-power in March this year. Hang on a minute. That was us.

So what he’s saying is, he thinks a team that held us to a draw can do the same to another team that’s ever so slightly better than us, and is desperate to qualify. Good thing Israel have got everything to play for. Err…

(Image: from hoyasmeg’s flickr stream)

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