Macclesfield Town manager dies

The football world is in mourning today at the news that Macclesfield manager Keith Alexander has died aged 53. Alexander suffered a brain aneurysm 7 years ago from which he had to be brought back to life three time. He passed away at his home after returning from his team’s League Two fixture against Notts County.

Tributes for Alexander, who played for Barnet, Grimsby, Stockport, Lincoln and Mansfield before becoming a manager in 1993 have poured in from colleagues and admirers. Garry Simpson, his assistant manager at Macclesfield Town said: ‘he was a larger than life character - an honest man, a splendid man and will be missed by not only football people but people in all walks of life. He was an absolutely superb human being.’

Barry Fry , the current director of sport at Peterborough worked with Alexander when he was a player at Barnet: ‘I really can't believe it. I'd been worried lately about his health but he assured me he was fine. He recently had a bout of hiccups that he couldn't get rid of and he went into hospital for that, but he wasn't feeling ill when I spoke to him last, he was bubbly. You won't find a more dedicated man at any club, he always gave 150%. I feel so sad for his family.’

As well as being renowned for his pragmatic approach to lower tier football Alexander was also only one in a handful of black managers in the English league.

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