Get the most from your shooting experience with Lyalvale shotgun cartridges

Since the company was founded back in 1983, Lyalvale has become a name that is the first that springs to mind when experienced shooters think about shotgun cartridges. With almost thirty years worth of experience in the field, there is little doubt as to why they are the first port of call for both game and clay shooters alike.

Lyalvale currently sell shotgun cartridges in more than forty eight different countries throughout Europe and across the rest of the world, with a peerless range of more than thirty different cartridge types, each of which has been specifically engineered in order to suit a different style and experience level.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, and whether you're shooting live game or clay pigeons at your local shooting club, Lyalvale have got the right cartridge for you.

With headquarters based out of Express Estate, Fisherwick Road in Lichfield, Staffordshire, Lyalvale currently stands as the only British shotgun cartridge manufacturer to ever win an Olympic Gold Medal, a testament to the quality of their products, and an example of just how highly regarded they are worldwide that countless professional marksmen choose them as their go to shotgun cartridge, even at the very highest level of competition.

Their clay cartridge range includes the following well known brands; Supreme Competition, World Cup, Excel Olympian, Pro Competition Millennium, HV Competition, Super Felt, Profibre Biodegradable, HV Biodegradable, Steelshot Competition and 20ga. Super, each of which offers a unique set of qualities that will enhance the performance of different types of marksmen.

For more information about Lyalvale shotgun cartridges, check out their official site at lyalvaleexpress.com.

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