Luka Modric left out of Tottenham's clash with Manchester United

Harry Redknapp has said that Luka Modric will not face Manchester United this evening because his mental condition isn't right. That can only mean that he's got the hump about not being sold to Chelsea, and that his manager is punishing him, safe in the knowledge that he probably won't be sold.

Chelsea have put in two bids of £22million and £27million for the Spurs midfielder, but the club have refused to sell, and now that the Blues have spent their money on Valencia's Juan Mata instead it looks unlikely that the Croat will be going anywhere this summer. No wonder he's annoyed.

'He's not playing,' said Redknapp. 'His head's not in the right place. We need him playing, he's very important to us, so we have to sort it out.

'The chairman is away. He's said he (Modric) is not for sale, so that's where we're at with it. I think he's made up his mind he's not going to sell him, no matter what the price. Luka's got to get on with it now and hopefully have another good season for us. Daniel (Levy) said he would like to sit down with Luka in a month or so when it's all died down a bit.'

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