'Loyalty has its limits

Lewis Hamilton has made it publically clear for the first time that he is dissatisfied with McLaren, and that he would be more than prepared to ditch the team that made him in order to win more world titles.

Hamilton has finished behind both teammate Jenson Button and World Champion Sebastian Vettel in qualifying for the China Grand Prix this morning, and at yesterday’s pre-qualifying press conference he said that his loyalty to McLaren had its limits, while praising table toppers red Bull for their work in the pit and the pace of their car.

‘They're better this year,’ he said. ‘They're just getting better. The car is the quickest so now they can focus on other areas. Their pit stop is the fastest. They're in and out ... boom ... it's like clockwork.

‘I have got only a short period in Formula One and I want to be competitive. I want to win championships. If you're in a good enough place and you're happy then there's no need to go anywhere. But loyalty has its limits.

‘I've always enjoyed racing here and would like to continue but at the end of the year you have to assess what position you're in and what's happened.’

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