The loreal fantasy rugby competition

Loreal fantasy rugby is closed during the off season but is likely to be back for registration soon, so it's a good idea to start thinking about which players you would choose. Registration is free and like all other fantasy sport games, it's a great way to have some friendly competition against your mates and also try and get your hands on some great prizes. The winning prize in the competition earlier this year saw the winner gain tickets to every Ireland home game for the 2012 six nations tournament. There are other great prizes to be won so make sure that this year you don't miss out on the chance to put your Rugby knowledge to the ultimate test!

Registration is quick and easy, so there is no excuse why you can't accept your mates challenge in this fun competition. It gives you the chance to put your management skills to the test. What players would you regard as the best in the six nations? You have to be shrewd though, with a limited budget you must utilise your funds well with a mixture of top points scorers with a few who may be cheap and cause a big impact in the competition. Choosing everything from the players you select to your team name, you can also make transfers at certain stages if you think your side needs a bit of a shake up.

Why not have a go, keep checking the website for updates with regard to the competition and who knows? Maybe it could be you walking away with the fantastic prizes they have on offer!

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