Lord Triesman opens can of beans

The fall-out from England’s failed bid for the 2018 World Cup was massive, with many convinced that Russia had bought the tournament, and a similar amount of people mumbling about endemic corruption.

Now Lord Triesman, the former Football Association chairman, has accused several Fifa executive committee members, including vice-presidentJack Warner, of ‘improper and unethical behaviour’. He told a House of Commons select committee looking into football that Warner asked for £2.5million to build an education centre in Trinidad, with the cash to be channelled through him, and then half a million to buy Haiti’s World Cup TV rights. Not only that but he has claimed that Paraguay’s Fifa member, Nicolas Leoz, asked for a knighthood, while Brazil’s, Ricardo Teixeira, asked Triesman to ‘come and tell me what you have got for me’. Warner is denying the allegations.

‘I've never asked Triesman nor any other person, Englishman or otherwise, for any money for my vote at any time,’ said Warner. ‘In the English campaign, before Triesman was unceremoniously kicked out, I've spoken to him on his initiative on only three occasions, while I've spoken to his other colleagues on other occasions and not one of them will ever corroborate his bit of trivia.

‘I have been in Fifa for 29 years and this will astound many, I'm sure - including people like David Dein (international president of England 2018 bid) and Geoff Thompson (head of England's 2018 bid).’

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