Lord Coe: Olympic ticket system 'not perfect'

The words 'farce' and 'debacle' are not words used lightly by SportScene, but in the case of the ticketing process for London 2012 are altogether apt descriptions. An estimated 90,000 successful ticket applicants have been unable to complete their orders due to a lack of funds in their accounts or problems with their debit or credit cards. The Games' organisers will contact them this week to ask them to cough up.

Meanwhile, it emerged that as many as one million applicants missed out on tickets during the first round of applications. 1.8m households applied for 20 million tickets, and it is believed that half of those applicants were turned down. High profile rejects include the family of gold medalist winning cyclist Chris Boardman, and London Mayor Boris Johnson's family.

Lord Coe, head of the Olympic Organising Committee, has admitted the system was 'not perfect' and 'was always going to be a challenge.'

'There is no perfect system. There is no ticket process on a scale like this, this is extraordinary,' the former Olympian said.

It is thought that those who missed out in the first round will get first dibs on those tickets remaining in the second phase.

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